Welcome to my photography / poetry print shop, where every photo has a story to tell and within every poetry piece tells a story. With-in each photo lies a deeper meaning, one in which the viewer may/may not be able to see. In 2011 I decided to buy a Nikon D5100. This would be my entry point into photography as a hobby.

I’ve always had the ability to express myself through words rather than voice, however it took a breakup in the winter of 2016 to really push me beyond any limits I had faced before. Rather than ignore my feelings this time around, I chose a different path. Latching on to other peoples words and thoughts as a source for inspiration, I would slowly begin the self healing process. 

I turned to journaling as a way out of my head and into the present. Staring at these words would clarify the things I had constantly ruminated about. I then decided to join a small intimate writing workshop, where the walls finally began to break down. My heart started to bleed out years of hurt and pain onto anything and everything that would soak it all in. Eventually I began combining my words with the photos I had been taking and the path I had been aimlessly wandering down for years was finally beginning to make some sense. Not only were others healing me, but I was healing myself.

I hope you find some peace and comfort not only in the photos, but in the words that accompany them. Thank you for stopping by, and stay safe out there.