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~ The desert holds secrets, in which silence brings about ~

Moapa Valley | Sunrise Art | Living Room Wall ArtMoapa Valley | Sunrise Art | Living Room Wall Artfebruary of 2020 before the world went to complete shit, i spent a couple of nights overlooking this basin. i had no idea that two years later, we'd still be dealing with the residues of it. some countries worse off than others! this place was just as beautiful as i remembered it and it's a memory NO ONE will ever be able to take away from me. EVER ... Moapa valley | Sunrise art | Living Room Wall Art

Homing is described as relating to an animal's ability to return to a place or territory after traveling a distance away from it. Somewhere in the deserts of America's southwest, I can hear the drums beating, feel the flames burning, and see the rocks breathing. There's a vibrant energy that flows through the sand and a mystical element that lays dormant within. What is it about the desert that speaks to some, yet remains so silent for others? For me personally, Sedona, Arizona has been a place for plenty of spiritual healing and inner cleansing. But for the sake of this specific blog on life post, I'm going to focus on my most recent excursion into the southwestern desert of Nevada.

A few weeks ago I took a roadtrip from Montana to Nevada, where my plans were to gamble, drink heavily and be involved in all sorts of debauchery. Wait, let's rewind that! A few weeks ago I took a roadtrip to Nevada, where my plans were to connect, be inspired and reset. A warm breeze and 90 degree temperatures greeted me as I crossed into Arizona from Utah, and shortly thereafter into Nevada. Having passed through Valley of Fire State Park and the Lake Mead National recreation area two years prior, I wanted some more time to explore. So I set up my home on Poverty Flats, high above the Moapa valley floor. With sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, Nevada is so much more than the phrase "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" There are other things to do in Vegas besides gamble, but who am I to judge? I have a tattoo on my right hand reminding me of those rambunctious days spent along the Vegas strip.

The Lake Mead recreation area has plenty to offer in terms of exploration and adventure. Add in an off-road vehicle and the opportunities become endless. Best of all, it's just a short 35 minute drive from sin city Las Vegas. The Echo Wash OHV Trail, is about 11 miles in and out, and leads you down to Echo Bay. The route follows a wash, so take caution if heavy rains are forecasted. Along the route you'll pass many geological features, as well as the abandoned Echo Bay Hotel. Built in 1962, it closed its doors for good in 2010 due to the rapid recession of Lake Mead. As you make your way to Echo Bay, the trail forks in two directions. If your vehicle is strong enough to climb the hill to the right, you're afforded a pretty view of the bay below. Off to your left will lead you to the shoreline. Again be weary of your vehicle if you're confident enough to drive down there. The lake bed is super soft and remnants of vehicles getting stuck were clearly visible. Take time to explore the area as you find relics cemented in the mud, and seashells of days gone by dried up on the hills.  Lake Mead National Recreation Area | Desert Photography | Moapa ValleyLake Mead National Recreation Area | Desert Photography | Moapa Valleycatch me if you can ... Moapa Valley | Lake Mead National Recreation Area | Landscape Wall Art "lake mead recreation area", "lake mead echo bay"DSC_0732                                  "lake mead echo bay", "ghost town near vegas". "hiking lake mead", "things to do at lake mead"IMG_4088 "southwestern desert", "lake mead echo bay"IMG_4095

Continue your way along Northshore road and wind your way through a variety of landscapes. I decided to take my truck off the highway near the Redstone Park area and make my way north into the Bitter Spring Valley. A short distance in, I parked my truck and sat on a boulder. I closed my eyes, as the sounds of my heartbeat, wind and breath synchronized into one. What is it about the desert that speaks to some, yet remains so silent for others? Questions that only the witness can answer! The off-road trail I had turned on would eventually lead me back to the beginning of the Echo Wash OHV Trail, so I decided to call it a day.

"things to do in vegas besides gamble", "lake mead national recreation area",  "southwestern desert".  "blog on life"IMG_4121

"things to do in vegas besides gamble", "lake mead national recreation area",  "southwestern desert".  "blog on life"IMG_4143

Upon my return to Poverty Flats, I was greeted to a magical sunset. A colorful sunset! A sunset that reminded me that, "Ryan, you're home!"

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