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Montana Wall Art | Sunset Photography Print | Nature Photography Wall ArtMontana Wall Art | Sunset Photography Print | Nature Photography Wall ArtI'm far from where I want to be in life, but also closer than ever. Montana Wall Art | Sunset Photography Print | Nature Photography Wall Art

Looking back, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't being stupid trying to capture this sunset over the lake photograph, but I felt close enough to safety, that I went for it anyways.

Off to my right on the interpretive trail, lay an eroded Flathead Lake shoreline. A bit further down, the easier route had been blocked off due to restoration. How do I get down I thought to myself? Surveying the shoreline, I found a route which I knew would be rather easy (and others had taken before me), but coming back up was going to give me problems. I slid down the hillside, phone in hand, and set up my camera awaiting the sunset. I took in the scenery and soaked in the moment.

After ten or so shots, I packed up my gear, threw on my backpack and attempted the climb back up. All those years of core exercises and intermittent bouldering would soon come in handy. I pretty much crawled my way up 3/4's of the way grabbing on to whatever I could find, as dirt and pebbles gave way under my feet. The last 1/4 of my climb is where things got dicey. My core was pretty much holding me on the side of the hill as I looked around for something to grab on to. There were a few small stones that quickly slipped through my hands, until I found one anchored into the ground. I grabbed hold of it and swung myself onto the branch of a well rooted evergreen tree. Had I lost my grip at any point, or had something given way, it wasn't too far down to the shoreline, but it would've been one hell of a ride. 

I then swung my second hand around grabbing yet another branch of the evergreen tree and here I was having flashback to my days of tough mudder racing. Hanging onto the branches like o rings, my body turned as I stared directly at the lake. I couldn't help but laugh! I eventually was able to swing myself back around and grab hold of a boulder and make my way back up to the trail. Never once did I feel like I didn't have control of the situation, but it was a quick reminder that even the simplest of adventure, can quickly go wrong. 

So what came of this moment, a beautiful lake house wall decor photography print. Forgive me, I'm trying to play by googles keyword rules here! That evening, I laid my head down with yet another memory to share with y'all. Life is so beautiful ain't it?

To purchase this fine art photography print in a variety of sizes and products, you can click on the photo above.

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