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"I care to live only to entice people to look at nature's loveliness." ~ John Muir

Glacier National Park enticed 2.91 million visitors in 2022 to enter its wild and mythical landscape. When I first moved to Montana in the Spring of 2021, I lived a fews hours south of the West Glacier entrance. I visited the park on a crisp May day, and while the interior of the park remained closed, I did catch a glimpse of what it had to offer. Fast forward to April of 2023, when I decided to take a few days off to visit the East entrance of the park. Even though I knew the interior was once again closed due to winter conditions, I wanted what little of the park I knew I could access to myself. 

A tale of two seasons, in just one day! To my east the plains, where springtime beckoned with a warm sun, blue skies, and puffy white clouds. To my west, Glacier National Park in all her winter wonder grey skied glory. An old photo of a steam engine pulling into the East Glacier Park station is on display near the entrance to the tracks. I thought to myself, what a great capture if I can catch a modern day engine pulling through the stop from the same angle. I had a loose idea of when the freight train came through from the night prior, but I wasn’t exactly sure. I took a short drive about 15 minutes outside of town and saw the train approaching from the south. Immediately I turned around and headed back. I waited, and waited, and continued to wait as the winds picked up and a snow squall blew through. Finally, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway engine rumbled its was around the the bend. What came after, multiple shots as the train passed me by. What was kept, the lone shot above! This Train Photography print is available in a variety of sizes by clicking: HERE

Two Medicine Glacier National Park | East Glacier Park | Landscape Photo PrintsPeaking over the treetops I could see a mountain top looming in the distance, so I decided to keep walking. Finally a straight away awaited, as the clouds began to part summoning in a beautiful scene. A bright blue appeared, contrasting with the snow capped mountain and cotton filled skies.

The Two Medicine Valley lies in the southeast corner of the park, and by all accounts is less visited than other sections. After photographing the train, I made my way down Two Medicine Road towards the entrance of the park. However, the gate would be shut near the Glacier National Park sign. From there, it would be a mile or so by foot to the actual entrance. There was a sign near the gate that read "NO PETS ALLOWED PAST THIS POINT", so me being the rebel that I am, actually obeyed the rules for once and decided to leave the dog behind. I really wasn't in the mood for anything long and tiresome, so I decided to walk the road till I came across a photograph worthy shot. Grey skies overhead, I walked the lonely road, which in just a few short months will be filled with a massive amount of vehicular traffic. Peaking over the treetops I could see a mountain top looming in the distance, so I decided to keep walking. Finally a straight away awaited, as the clouds began to part summoning in a beautiful scene. A bright blue appeared, contrasting with the snow capped mountain and cotton filled skies. Considering you need a reservation to get into the Two Medicine entrance starting July the 3rd, I thought to myself, "how blessed am I to be experiencing this!" On the way back to my truck I passed a group of people I'd say 10-15 years older than me. They asked me if I had seen any wild animals, in which I replied I hand't made my way too far into the park. An elderly lady invited me along on their adventure, but I said no thank you, as the dog peered at me wide eyed from my truck in the distance. That had me thinking, maybe for one month I'll say yes to everything that comes my way, with-in reasonable limit of course. 

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